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Fibonacci and YOU

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

In the Beginning .....

I was just reminded today of the power of "Fibonacci Sequence" and the tuning folks that I purchased about a decade ago. I am so grateful that I was able to connect with the Golden Ratio a few years back and was able to feel it going thru my body. The best part of the classes I took to learn this, was the opportunity to be able to be "the client" and have my classmates work on me. Pick me, pick me!

So, what did I experience? Hmm was hard to tell during those days, as so much drama was going on in my life and looking back I can say that it definitely shifted me into a better way of being. In short, this sequencing was able to flow through the meridians of my body into my autonomic nervous system and my pituitary gland. I found the best part for my own treatment was that it released ‘old’ patterns or imbalances inside my system that have probably been there for lifetimes. That was a huge sense of relieve. At the time, I was functioning more in my masculine energy than my feminine as I was working in the Oil & Gas Industry which brought out these attributes in myself. After my treatment, I was able to sense more balancing between my ying & yang and it bought a whole new sense of well-being and centering. I had forgotten this sense of energy and I was able to dream and visualize again. I had more ideas and found myself able to astral project better. My inner wisdom returned and that little wise voice inside me spoke up louder. Or maybe I was able to listen to her better? I was also able to let go - yes, you heard me -- I was able to let go of the unwanted thoughts and things that people said to me, I didn't take personally. Perhaps, this is what happens when the pineal gland is relieved.

How does it work? Well, recall the symbol for infinity is an 8 on its side. It is a powerful symbol that is used a lot throughout history and on the body. When working with tuning forks, we work with infinity and keep in mind that the 8 extraordinary vessels (acupuncture points on your body) that are linked to your 8 original cells in your body, that are related to your 8 chakras (traditional system) which are related to the 8 tetrahedral sphere (that is above you at all times). This is where life springs from and we touch on these points with the tuning folks to combine healing from these points by using sound frequencies similar to what they used from three primary cultures that were gifted this knowledge from the mystery schools seeded during the time of the fall of Atlantis. The Egyptians were aware of the knowledge of Sacred Geometry which, when applied through sound using the geometric ratios of the Fibonacci sequence, offer access to conscious dimensional movement. The Tibetans offers the knowledge of the energy meridians and chakra system and the use of sound frequency on acupuncture/acupressure points to stimulate energy movement and the Peruvians then offered the knowledge of the sound matrix and its connection to shamanic journeying and energy movement. By combining these 3 lineages, into a single method we are then able to able to apply these special tuning folks that are calibrated to the frequency of the Earth & Solar System and mapped to the Fibonacci Sequence through an ascending series of ratios. The tuning forks are applied to the activation points relating to the Eight Extraordinary Vessels of the acupuncture system. The connection to the body’s 8 original cells opens access to the Great Void and Akashic Records and your DNA stem cells.

And then the End came, and it was time for a New Beginning...

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