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We ARE all ONE

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

I am slowly figuring out how we are all ONE and how we

actually are all connected. For many years, I felt that I was all alone with my thoughts & feelings. That I was different and a misfit. At times, I used the words tumbleweed or seedling floating. But now, having stepped into this way of life and mostly through all the magical people that I am meeting & supporting today, I see the connections.

People come to me with the similar fears and worries. They come with similar traumas and stresses. They have anger & rage issues. They feel guilty that they let someone down or felt so utterly depressed that they can't leave their homes. They have lost a loved one and are emotionally shattered or they were abused by a loved one and are physically broken. They were touched the wrong way, they feel their body wasn't good enough or they feel ugly inside.

They see ghosts or spirits. They talk to their dead relatives. They heard voices. They cut themselves. They have been having to make money to get by to and worked in the sex slave. They haven't met their biological parent or they were the one that gave their child up for adoption. They have tired for years to have a child and they have miscarried numerous times. Their parent or friend just died of cancer. They have cancer. They have joy in their life and they play music, they are in the theatre, they dance, they work downtown and they are professionals. They lost their job, their wife or the bank took their home. They want to buy a house, live in the country or travel. They own dogs, cats and horses. They love their kids, their kids have grown up and they don't see them. They have grandkids that they look after. They have come from different countries, they have different religious upbringing and don't agree with them any more or they come from different cultures and want to share the best of their culture with us. They mediate, do yoga and like to go for long walks. They feel off and like something is missing. They gained weight. They love swimming in lakes. They know they aren't following their passion but don't know how to move forward. They are seeking. They know but don't know to share the whispers inside their head with their loved ones. They like adventure. They want out. They are tired and just want to rest. They have been told what to do and how to be. They are in a belief system and bought into all the rules, forms and structures. They know it. They eat goat, some eat with their hands and others with chopsticks. They love meat and others are deathly ill at the site of it. They drink wine and love chocolate. They are seeking knowledge, others just want to do something physical. Many didn't start out this way and ended up doing something completely different. They hate their parents, their dad beat them, their uncle abused them. They lost their country, they fought for their country. They killed someone or someone died in their arms. They use to sing as a kid. They fought for their country. They loved their highschool sweetheart and still do. They married their high school sweetheart. They divorced their hightschool sweetheart. They ran a marathon. They built a house. They left their husband.

All in all - their stories are truly remarkable. I am so touched that I get to hear them all and I am truly honored to connect with them. That is just it..... the connection is their heart. They all have a heart, it beats and it is more than alive. What more can I write?

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