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Medical QiGong

  • 90 Canadian dollars
  • SCA Community Association

Service Description

Qigong is the grandfather of Tai Chi & Kung Fung and was a lost practise in China for many years as the society moved more into communism and the fighting part of martial arts became more mainstream and acceptable. Way back in its time, the Emperors had their Sages teach their army & family these movements to keep them strong & healthy as they used it for health & spiritual connection purposes. These Emperors realized that this technique kept their people strong and they had less illness. Slowly as their society evolved the health & spiritual Qigong disappeared along with the Sages and the men focused more on the Art of Combat. Some say, that Qigong migrated into India and was the bases of the yoga practise. But for many years it was a hidden practise and not may people did it. Around 1950, Qigong started to reappear in China. And even "Qigong hospitals" resurfaced as the ancient teachings started to re-awake. (Yes, there is a spiritual Qigong and a medical Qigong.) In speaking with many of my Chinese colleagues at work, they had indicated that their grandparents or parents had always turned a blind eye on the Qigong practice saying it was evil and there was lore indicating that the practice would possess you. I find it interesting how belief systems are established based on fears. And this is not the case at all with this practise. ​ Today, Qigong is starting to resurface and slowly move back into mainstream China and North America. The practise is much softer than the other martial arts and it is a way of connecting you to your body by movements that allow your Chi (life force) to open up meridians in your body while connecting to certain organs, much like acupuncture. By adding Qigong to your life ~even 10 minutes a day ~ you will enhance your overall well being and see instant results in your energy levels. The best part is all ages can do Qigong and if you have low mobility, you can do it sitting or in bed. You can do this in the privacy of your own home or outside at a Park or my favorite - down by the Bow River. There are about 15 teachers in Calgary and a few places to go to try this practice out. Send me a message if you want to learn more!

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